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Serial Stories

Now you can read as I write new, upcoming additions to my ever-growing list of novels.

On Kindle Vella, you get the first three episodes FREE and pay with tokens. Don't forget to like every episode and crown them your favorite every Sunday!

I'm not a hero.

I'm out to teach lessons to the conceited, evil demon types living in my city. Funny thing is, I hunt what ultimately resides in my own DNA.


Not that it bothers me much.


Still, everything changed when I met Nova, my friendly demon stalker. Now I'm not so sure all demons are created equal, because I have a date with the Devil.

vforvindictive-ebook (2).png
V's life is in shambles and her love life is a mess...

Hey, V here!


I'm back to settle the score with the bastards who created me and find the secrets behind my blood and powers.


My love life is screwed up.


My future even more so.


The only thing that keeps me going is my vendetta against the Organization, and I'll do whatever I can to throw a wrench in their evil plans. It's time to get answers and make them pay.

Their meeting was foretold...

Nika, the daughter of the Dark Fae who turned against his own kind, is called the Scorned--the Marked.


Recently foretold to finish what her father started, Nika escapes with her life and is forced to pair up with the obnoxiously arrogant but incredibly talented Dark Fae mercenary, Silas.


Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, steamy tension, and the true meaning of power and balance.

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