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First time in the public eye!

For the very first time, I will be signing in public. As a bonus, I will be doing a panel interview that Friday at 12p. All the event information can be found here: Planet Funk Con.

I'll be taking Awakening with me to sign and holding a raffle each day. Check out the order form! The first day, I will be doing a panel interview at 12pm to talk everything Guardians. I'm looking forward to expressing my fan girl level of passion towards my incredible hunks and sassy hussies.

With luck, I'll get to meet some of you. I've had a few fans over the years that I've been able to personally meet, and I'm looking forward to meeting new ones!

I'll be featuring a countdown on the event page and both days by either live streaming or video recording some of the excitement!

If you're in the Illinois or Iowa area, please come join me!

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