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Getting Ready to Meet-and-Greet

Nothing is more frightening than displaying your books, your writing, in a place where everyone can judge it, except, perhaps, displaying yourself in a place where everyone can judge you.

Ordering books, banners, bookmarks, book paraphernalia, that's easy. But, meeting everyone and speaking to a group of you is definitely terrifying for someone who's never been in the spotlight.

Granted, for years I've been networking and shamelessly bragging about my books. Seems not terribly far off that I'd be out there doing it in a hub of crazy event goers. However, it'll be my very first time standing on stage and speaking at length about everything I write; the Guardians that, those of you who've read them over the course of the many books they've been written into, have grown to love or hate, want or can do without, wonder about or just plain forgot about.

For the first time, I'll get to talk about them. Brag about them. Probably change opinions about them. And I'm terrified.

So, I'm a little nervous going into next week with the knowledge that every part of the last four years I've written will be on display. I'm hopeful it'll be a turning point. Maybe I'll even meet a new reader that would've never thought to try out my books. Maybe I'll discover a person who's read them before and never remembered my name. Maybe I'll just stalk some crazy, amazing buff guy and convince him to cover model for me. Who really knows. I'm looking forward to it being fun though.

Make sure you check out the event!

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