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Short Cecile Excerpt!

Writing Cecile has been somewhat thwarted by life, so I've done my best to keep up the momentum. Imagine chasing around a naked, potty-training toddler, while also dealing with three older kids out for summer, and planning not only two book signing events but to go back to school in the Fall as well, and then you'll know just why it's been so difficult for me to find time to write.

But, enough with the excuses. I figured a little excerpt would redeem me momentarily from my lackluster progress. Editing has been light, at best, so forgive any mistakes.


Licking my lips, my stare naturally dropped to the dark purple she wore on her flawless mouth. “Just a kiss?”

“Yes, just a kiss.”

Cecile leaned forward, her face inches from mine. “Close your eyes.”

My chest heaved with effort, eyelashes fluttering helplessly against the lure of her voice. Finally, I closed my eyes and let my shoulders slacken. Thoughts of how her lips would taste, how soft they might be, how it would feel to have them pressed against mine, swirled through my head. I did my best to quiet the spiraling questions but, by the small giggle the other woman gave way to, I hadn’t done a very good job of it.

“It’s your first,” Cecile remarked boldly, not asking.

I trembled unintentionally with the thought of what we were about to do.


For a second, there was no sound at all. I was almost tempted to open my eyes. But before I could, something feather-soft ghosted over my lips and my breathing hitched abruptly.

Her lips were painfully soft.

At first, it was a gentle pressure against mine. Our lips merely met. But then her lips moved and teased mine, expertly opening them. I gasped and her arm went around my waist, her tongue breaching my mouth and sliding along mine.

The pleasure of our mouths so intimately entwined wasn’t something I could adequately describe. It flooded warmth into my hips and face, and I found it difficult to think about anything outside of how incredible her mouth felt against mine.

Cecile drew away, her green eyes illuminated brightly. I couldn’t catch my breath while she stared, quietly taking in the state of me. I didn’t even have the mind to feel embarrassed about how I must’ve looked.

Brushing the hair from my eyes, Cecile bent forward and touched her lips experimentally against mine again. My heart thundered in my chest when she gently nibbled my lower lip before covering my mouth with hers once more, harder this time.

Grabbing her hands, which cradled my face, I shut my eyes tightly and put power into the kiss. Overcome by the pleasure. Overcome by the sensation of her mouth. Overcome by how amazing her kiss was.

Overcome entirely.

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