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What's Next: A look into the future of the Guardians...

So, many of you may wonder what's next? What can I expect to see? Whose story will spotlight the newest release headline?

To be honest, as with many of you, I find myself somewhat lost to the itch to write what I want and to finish what I've already started. The latest write--originally featured on meant only to be a short little blurp story to expose my audio book producer/narrator's readers to what I write. So, writing has been somewhat all over the place.


Your Questions Answered

However, with confidence, I can promise some badass audio books are in the making.

Want to know more?

Which books are getting an audio book? First in line is Awakening (Promiscus Guardian, #1) and Victor (Guardians in Love, #1). They're already in the works with two incredible narrator/producers. Expected deliver for Awakening is sometime in June 2020. I'll post the official date on my Facebook page and news page here once I have an official release date. Victor is still in negotiation, so a set schedule hasn't been laid out just yet.

Which books are next for audio book? Ideally, I'd like to get the entire set of the Promiscus Guardians and Guardians in Love series done in audio, but I do also have some great ideas for the next generation, Demon's Bloodlust. So, for now, where we go next is up in the air.

What's the latest release? Just released only days ago was The King and I: A Promiscus Guardian Love Story. It's exclusively available on Kindle at the moment and free to read on Kindle Unlimited. I will be releasing it to other platforms in late June 2020.

What do you plan to write/work on next? At the moment, I'm re-editing When Darkness Breaks (The Underground Guardians, #1) in order to write the second book in the series and finally get some sort of follow-up for all my Simon/Ebony lovers out there! Because this book will feature something the first didn't, I'll be looking to see how that translates in the series. I plan to feature Simon's POV in the second book, because there were readers confused by his behavior and I think it'd show a side that doesn't otherwise come through.

Can we expect more short story/novellas based on the Promiscus Guardian world? Yes, absolutely. I've been so desperate to tell the tales of more obscure characters so we can learn more about their backstories. I also really want to highlight the variety of supernatural mix-breeds and their differences in this world.

What other things are in the future? I can say with certainty that I plan a bad boy romance series based off certain characters that ride the line of good and evil. For those who've read either Resurrection (Promiscus Guardians, #4) or Demon's Bloodlust (New Guardian Generation, #1) you should be familiar with the name Cathal. This bad boy who presents as neither side of the coin and is a self-serving sarcastic asshole is a fan favorite who I have every intention of writing about. I'm still deciding whether he'll get a series or a stand-alone, but I am eager to write him as soon as possible.

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